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Cannabis Wellness Watch® is a primary market research and competitive intelligence consultancy focusing on the nascent, (global) Cannabis/Marijuana medical, technological, and recreational marketplaces.

Cannabis Wellness Watch® offers a comprehensive set of industry-focused services that will deliver an integrated blend of primary, qualitative and quantitative market research, competitive market intelligence, consultuing and Go-to-Market services. All designed to provide a timely link between the rapidly evolving industry and critical competitive, marketing, technological, supply chain and investment decisions.

Cannabis Wellness Watch will deliver an integrated blend of qualitative and quantitative competitive intelligence and Go-to-Market services intended to help clients maintain a competitive, and leading market position through timely access to primary market/competitor intelligence designed to achieve the following objectives:

  .Create actionable, multifaceted, global market intelligence that provides a highly competitive edge.

  .Keeping up-to=date on emerging, global technologies and leading, global vendors

  .Have access to timely reviews/analysis of medical and recreational cannabis technology developments in the US and internationally. 

  .Have access to key market segmentation analysis and emerging market leaders.

  . Help in improving, and accelerating key product and service development.

  . Help in building stronger brand, product marketing communications and 
value propositions.

  .Have access to timely tracking, and profiling of key, medical/technology/ recreational cannabis industry innovators, researchers and knowledge leaders, worldwide.

  . Help in building a competitive supply chain strategy, with timely updates on the evolutionary stages of the emerging medical/recreational cannabis business ecosystem.

  . Have access to customized, market intelligence via on-site company briefings, on a quarterly/semi-annual basis. 

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