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Cannabis Wellness Watch provides timely, tactical and strategic advice/analysis on market viability, competitive landscape, emerging medical cannabis/marijuana ecosystem and wellness-related edibles.

Research reports within the advisory service include a detailed examination of market drivers and barriers, key players, emerging medical cannabis research, products, user adoption patterns, medical technology development trends and competitive positioning of companies active in the industry sector.  Market intelligence coverage is global in scope and is segmented by world/country/state regions, medical condition categories, and emerging ecosystem segments.

2018 Sample Market/Competitive Intelligence Reports​: 

(Upcoming, 2017 Reports are available for purchase separately, or through the Advisor Subscription Service)

  •   Emerging Cannabis Wellness Market Segments
  •   Medical Cannabis Research Findings (Key Global
             Players and Findings)
  •   Emerging Cannabis Wellness Products and   
  •   Evolving Ecosystems ​by Market Segment 
  •   Evolving Government legislation (Federal/State

2018  Advisory Subscription Service Deliverables

-  Three (3) competitive intelligence reports published per year.

-  Two (2) hours (per month) of Analyst Inquiry access for special requests. 

-  Two (2) hour, quarterly analyst briefings (by conference calls) to discuss state of market findings and competitive intelligence (by special requested market sectors and key players).

-  Annual, half-day analyst on-site, strategic advisory session including market and competitive intelligence briefings and presentations.

Global Marketing Intelligence 
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