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White Papers

Cannabis Wellness Watch will provide customized, white papers designed as infornational documents, to guide potential customers to understand and promote a businesses' complex marketing strategies. The White Papers will also focus on promoting or highlighting the features of a business solution, product or service. These documents can be used as sales and marketing tools, primarily to entice or persuade potential customers to learn more about or purchase a particular product, service, technology or methodology. 
Market/Competitive Intelligence     (Ongoing Tracking)

Cannabis Wellness Watch will provide, customized competitive intelligence tracking, designed to define, gather, analyze, and distribute intelligence from various primary and secondary market research sources including, but now exclusive to:

  • Primary research/surveys, 
  • News media, 
  • KOL (Key opinion leaders) surveys,
  • Customer and competitor interviews, 
  • Industry experts,
  • Medical cannabis research (e.g. clinical trials, academic/private research)
  • Trade shows and conferences,
  • Government records and public filings. 

The competitive intelligence reports will also focus on providing timely information about products, customers, competitors, and any aspect of the competitive/market environment needed to support executives and marketing managers making strategic decisions for an organization.

Market/Competitive Intelligence Gathering Timeframes:

- Every month (Gold Program)
- Every quarter (Silver Program)
- Mid-Year (Bronze Program)
- End-of-Year 

Best Practices

Cannabis Wellness Watch provides customized and timely, Best Practice analysis (for achieving competitive advantage) that is focused on a chosen target's high performance business practices. Best Practices analysis enables organizations to set new business/marketing directions and learn from other's successes and mistakes.

Additional Best Practice analysis, includes the following:

  • Comparisons with selected peformance indicators from organizations in the same industry. Or, comparable organizations considered best-in-class.

  • Benchmarking analysis of firms in same industry (known for best practices/business models), or only competitors.
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Custom Marketing Collateral and Competitive Intelligence Services  

Our Go-to-Market (GTM) services are designed to define and deliver a unique, value proposition to client's customers, and achieve competitive advantage. 

Go-to-Market services are focused on providing expert business and marketing plan strategy support for the following resources and initiatives:

  • Sales Support
  • Channel Enablement
  • Tactical Marketing
  • Product/Service Marketing
  • Product Launch
  • CRM Initiatives
  • Competitive Intelligence
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Go-to-Market Services Deliverables